The Actors Room

Client / Industry Testimonials

“The Actor’s Room has taught my son solid auditioning techniques that he uses each and every time he is called in for an audition.  It is these techniques, I believe, that have given him greater confidence in his craft and performing for Casting Directors.”
Nicole Seitz Mother of Maxston Seitz, Yo Gabba Gabba, GEICO, and Samsung

Steven Lowe, Founder of the The Actors Room is one of the best Coaches I know in the Entertainment Industry. Get to know him, take his classes, intern for him, do everything you can to be in his team. He provides true wisdom and is a man of honesty, and integrity. We need more people like him in this business.
-Monica Busby CEO Quantum Leap Entertainment

“I am so thankful for The Actors Room and especially Steven G. Lowe. He really pushed me into becoming a well educated actor; understanding the depth of my craft as well as the details of the industry. Something other coaches did not equip me with. Steven has created a safe room, full of caring actors who truly want to see each other succeed. It’s a wonderful environment where actors of every level can come together and encourage each other in developing their craft.”
-Koana Laimana One Warm Night

“I have learned everything I know from Steve’s class, he is amazing and a true mentor.”
-Yasmeen Yamak One Warm Night

“Being in The Actors Room for me means, understanding your purpose.
-Anwar Jaleel Mitchell

“The Actor’s Room isn’t just an acting class, but an opportunity for essential and inspired life coaching, where principles that develop the actor, also enhance the individual person. Thank you Steve, with all my heart, for inspiring me to be more confident, accountable, exude strength, and have a voice that makes a difference in the world!”
-Jenny C Jones

“I learned a lot from The Actors Room. It’s a great place! I felt safe to express my emotions & the Coaches were all fantastic!”
-Mikey Effie (10 years old) Performing in FALSTAFF with the LA Opera directed by Dir. Lee Blakeley in the Fall & just filmed the lead in HEY NOW directed by Saiful Haque.

“I loved the Coaches! They were very supportive & taught me techniques to get me into character. I had a lot of fun at The Actors Room.”
-KristiLynn Effie (9 years old) Performing in FALSTAFF with the LA Opera directed by Dir. Lee Blakeley in the Fall & just filmed “Candy From Strangers” starring International Singer & Actress Keana Texeira.

“When life gets too crazy and the outside world is influencing my decisions, Steve and The Actors Room reminds me that I have a voice, as well as a choice to say and do the things I want. I feel empowered and at ease here. The growth I’ve experienced is tremendous both personally and professionally.”
-Kelly Caballero

“As a beginner in the business, Alex received such excellent basic knowledge, such as how auditions work and how to get an agent, that he was able to audition with confidence from the start. He almost always had callbacks and even had a pick of agents. The coaching he received also included more in depth techniques to prepare and become a better actor. Alex loved going to class and Justin, Koko and Sean’s training and encouragement really helped him come alive! And, of course, having Steven G. Lowe, owner, provide feedback at some of the classes was invaluable. Thank you for helping Alex start off on the right foot.”
-Jan Geiger

“…Current and progressive”
-Brook Kerr Actor, Star of the NBC daytime drama “Passions”

“…Powerful insight & direction”
-Chris Warren Spice of Life

“Steven Lowe exhibits the kind of depth and range as an acting coach that yields quality versatile actors. Don’t settle for anything less.”
-Matthew Kilburn Producer/Director

“Steve is an awesome teacher. He keeps the class fun and entertaining, while still providing challenges to his students. He has taught me the importance of being versatile and allowed met o improve my dramatic acting and not to always depend on comedy.
-Daniel Curtis Lee Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

“Steven G. Lowe succeeds in un-tapping the intimate personality within each of his “thinking” actors. Additionally, his forthright approach towards his actorss awakens an emotional awareness neccessary to create authentic delivery.”
-Steven J. Zygo

“I love Steve’s style: Warm, Friendly and Professional! He is extremely gifted in his field and is able to model & develop his students with such care and professionalism! I learned so much in his class. “Emotional Perspective”. I would highly recommend any of his classes or projects he is working on! I feel he is genuinely interested in each of his actor’s development! You can just FEEL it! He is awesome to work with!”
-Victoria Monroe

“Out of all the coaches and classes in L.A.I take Steve’s class because I get result and those results pay my bills! Steve is one of the rarest coaches around, not only in his technique to acting unique and set apart from ALL the rest, but as a coach he truly cares about his actors’ career, not their wallet! I live in L.A. and drive to Orange County for acting class… Enough said!”
-Beth Cousins MTV’s High School Stories: Scandals, Pranks and Ctonroversities, 168 Project

“Steve has a unique insight into an actors weakness and fears with an ability to say just the right thing to transform those fears and inhibitions we all have, into the true actor longing to be released.”
-C. Anthony Chase Married with Children, Face Off

“Having juts moved here from Missouri to further my acting career in film, I knew I needed to be in a great class. After watching only one of Steve’s classes, I knew it was the one for me! Steve, unlike many teachers I have encountered, really knows what he’s talking about! He offers powerful direction and makes the actor reach deep inside of themselves. Definitely one of the best career choices I’ve made so far!”
-Allison Marshall

Not only does Steve’s techniques apply to acting, but nearly every aspect of my life. Steve’s teachings have made me more confident and focused in every thing that I do!”
-Jonathan Cocco

“What I love about Steve’s teaching is instead of taking an acting methodology and trying to force you in that box, he finds your strength, teaches you to work inside of it, and tests your weaknesses so that instead of hindering you, they actually work for you.”
-Lesley Allison O’Neal

“I had the opportunity to attend and participate in your Scene Study Workshop at Biola University Campus. This was an experience I will always remember. You introduced me to a NEW STYLE of acting and I think you are an incredible teacher.”
-Samantha Riley (8 Years old)

“One of the most real and caring people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”
-Jean-Pierre Giagnoli

“Steve you haven’t just taught me how to act, but how to act like a human. Your class is a concoction of acting for the camera mixed with lessons in human behavior and I dig it! That circle of perfection is a phenomenal idea by the way.”
-Curt Clendenin Star of Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid, Harmony Heights, The Blues Brothers, The District, Gilmore Girls

“In a business where it’s tough to find a coach that truly understands acting is unique tot he actor, combined with a genuine desire to see my success become a reality, I can’t help feeling like I won the lottery with Steve and The Actors Room.”
-Joe Longobardo

“Thea acting classes with Steven are amazing! You are free to express yourself. He doesn’t judge you; he helps you to be better. That’s great because we don’t want to walk a blind path. Steven thanks! I am so very happy to be a part of The Actors Room.”
-Leslie Garza Star of the International Film Festival’s “Best Picture” awarded Sweet Dreams, Ocean’s 13, Lost, Entourage, Nip/Tuck, International Print and Billboard model

“I’m excited to be a part of The Actors Room! Steve Lowe creates a fun and friendly environment in which I can be free to explore different creative abilities, both in my career as actor/filmmaker and in the decisions I make as a person. Steve is a great mentor and coach!”
Ryan Grant

“From our years of work together, Steve, I have learned to elminate or use the fear & anxiety in casting calls, ont he set & modeling jobs. I had found the confidence and “tools” to successfully commit and create in most any situation. I belong in this business thanks for being there for me!”
-Hillary Clark

“The Actor’s Room workshop is a Godsend! Whether a beginning or an experienced actor, you’ll get a workout that builds depth in every area required in becoming a strong thinking actor. Steve gives candid feedback in safe performance environment – all you have to do is put it into your instrument and GO! I got the part for “Hip Hop Harry” because Steve coached me by cell phone on the way up… What other coach does that?
Valerie Rene Sheppard Emmy award nominated “Hip Hop Harry”

“I first spoke with Steve about a year ago. With as busy a man as he is, I was amazed by the fact that he even took the time to return my phone call. We had recently moved from WA to So Cal and our 10 year-old son, with a dream of making a career in the entertainment industry, was just enrolled in an acting/modeling school here in Orange County. Steve invited us to participate in his Tuesday night business of acting class so that we could educate and protect ourselves from the harsh reality that is the entertainment industry. The knowledge he imparts on us is invaluable and we still participate in this class today. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the youth class and are grateful for everything Steve and everyone else in The Actors Room has done for our family.”
-Paul Anthony Q Cruz

“The actors room is a great place to learn the craft of acting. Steven teaches you about acting by first letting you find yourself. He helps you get to know your strength and weaknesses and how you can use them as inspiration and motivation. Everyone in the class is supportive and helpful as they are all in the same quest to better their craft.”
-Joseph Bianchini

“The Actors Room was my first acting class ever, but it was the right place to start, it taught me to begin with myself, my complexity as a personality, with good and bad, past, present and future, it taught me of truthfulness and how to enrich my characters with a personal approach that would distinguish me from any other actor. In one word it taught me to embrace myself and go after the passion of my heart – acting”
-Alyona Esther Chase

“A great place to learn. Period.”
-Brandon Thomas

“While many actors wear masks, The Actor’s Room taught me to remove all the layers till there’s nothing left but the truth.”
-Bethany Gates