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Room Atmosphere

The Actors Room is dedicated to keeping the tone healthy, balanced and safe. The atmosphere is always welcoming & friendly, creative, productive, inspirational, fun and professional. The weekly information is invaluable and vital to an actor’s progress. The actors are hardworking, talented and driven. There is no place better to develop and learn the craft of acting or to begin the journey to realizing your dream.

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Statement of Purpose

Being prepared is the best way to equip yourself for success!

The purpose clear, the goal is obtainable – the dream realized by everyone tired of saying “What if?” The Actors Room is dedicated to providing each actor an opportunity to learn the most up-to-date, inspirational, and insightful acting techniques used in the film, television and new media entertainment industry. The better question is “Why not you?”

With the use of exclusive trainings such as: Scene Study, Monologue Performance, Character Development& Impact, Audition Development, Cold Read, Script Analyses, Camera/On-Set Training, Commercial Training, The 4 Energies, Dramatic/Comedic Timing, Isolated Moments, Proper Tone/Inflection/Buffer Use, Warm-Up & Focus, Emotional Availability, Depth Vs. Range, Suspension of Disbelief, Unique Process, “Introspective Breathing” – the art of using personal breathing patterns to provoke emotion more naturally (landing the cry cue), personable workshop/seminar settings, exposure to industry professionals (when appropriate), Entertainment Industry Insights/Updates, networking opportunities, and much more – actors will be given a solid foundation for accomplishment and success. The Actors Room goal is to help its actors (veteran or beginner) develop into confident, knowledgeable, multi-dimensional, working professionals, responsible for his or her own artistic growth and achievement.



Mission Statement

The Actors Room is structured around the study/practice of film and television using a personalization-coaching platform. As all actors are unique in their process and abilities – each will be treated that way.

The Actors Room and its affiliates view film, television and new media “acting” (theatrical and commercial performance) as an important and viable form of creative expression. Its purpose is profoundly fulfilling to each individual in a different way. The Actors Room recognizes each student/participant as distinct and uniquely talented, with individual expertise and growth potential. The Actors Room will provide – without discrimination or bias – coaching, guidance, inspiration and the supportive development needed for every actor to realize accomplishment according to their learning potential and realistic goal setting.

It is The Actors Room belief that all aspiring individuals must be ready to rise above their circumstances, work hard, defeat their inner chicken, stay emotionally available, free themselves from all inhibition, stay true to their dream and learn to have fun in their craft.

Above all else, The Actors Room actor must have the drive and desire to find their “VOICE” allowing them to make an effectual and positive impact in our communities and the world around them. To desire such a task requires – personal investment of time, resources, effort, heart and the ability to take a stand on the world stage. The true actor feels an inalienable love and focused drive, which allows him/her to be happy doing little else. We must believe in ourselves.

What an admirable profession it is to bring purpose and expression to a story that must be told.

Steven G. Lowe
Founder & Coach