The Actors Room

Tax Filing Information

stickActors Meeting The Following Criteria

If you have registered or participated in The Actors Room – Group Coaching, Management Representation, Business Class, Consulting, Private Lessons, Specialty Classes, Seminars, etc. – and your fees paid for services have exceeded $600.00 for the fiscal year January 1st to December 31st please be informed of the following:

Form W-9

You are entitled to receive a Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) for tax filing with the Department Of The Treasury – Internal Revenue Service. This information is needed when completing a Form 1099. You may be entitled to a tax write-off (see your tax consultant or CPA for additional information and what is appropriate for you when filing). The Actors Room will make form W-9 available to any participant year round.

Requesting A Form W-9:

  1. Please request in person or in writing from The Actors Room at:
  2. Include your Name & Contact Information.
  3. Please allow 48 hours (two business days) for receipt of completed Form.
  4. The Actors Room reports all income – Please keep an accurate record of all fees paid.