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About The Coach

Steven G. Lowe – Renowned Acting Coach, Talent Manager, Writer, Producer, Director, Creator, and Author – “The Actors Room 50 Original Monologues & Tips For Success”

SteveHSAs an accomplished Acting Coach and Talent Manager, Steven G. Lowe has been helping actors develop their strengths and conquer their limitations for well over a decade. As the Founder of The Actors Room, television and film workshops in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, Steven has helped to shape the careers of many notable actors seen on film and television with all the majors: Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, Fox, MTV, Showtime, HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS, the CW and Netflix. Recognized by many as one of the industry’s leading personalization coaches, Steven’s insight and technique have become known worldwide, gaining him the respect of his actors and many top professionals in the entertainment business. In the early years, Steven applied his creative talents to radio where he established himself as an on-air personality, producer and voiceover artist in a series of worldwide radio-syndicated shows. This led to Steven becoming the Co-Founder of Last Chance Productions Film Partners, LLC. As a Production Executive and Screenwriter he has a vast experience in film and television development, as well as, positioning himself in the forefront of New Media operations and programming. He is now trying his hand at Directing in the web series world, giving opportunities to those he coaches at The Actors Room. In addition to a host of past and present affiliations and prestigious awards, Steven was awarded the “2008 Humanitarian Award” – presented by Anaheim Mayor, Curt Pringle.

What truly separates Steven from other coaches is his ability to blend over 20 years experience in the film/television/radio industry with 25 years of counseling at-risk youth and their families (specializing in human behavioral observation). This exceptional talent combination is translated into his book writing, seminars, scripts, and coaching. Steven’s diversified and extensive background has given him an amazing understanding of the inner workings of the acting world and a genuine ability to educate with a refreshing and honest approach. Steven believes an actor’s individual creative process must be respected, ultimately encouraging the performer to achieve autonomy.

Steven’s new book “The Actors Room – 50 Original Monologues & Tips For Success” was published in 2012 and rose to #3 on Amazon’s Best Seller List. Whether coaching in a group setting, one-on-one, on the set or by written teachings, Steven helps his actors find or define their purpose.

“My desire is to please God, motivate others to achieve what they love, and to eat a great meal!” – Steven G. Lowe, The Actors Room